Samantha & Michael

Samantha & Michael's Wedding Photos at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church and McGowan Hall.

After shooting Samantha and Michael engagement shoot I knew their wedding day was going to but fun and I wasn't disappointed! Michael's friends performed the ceremony which was also fun to watch since they knew him better than most. I also saw a couple who's wedding I shot in 2014 at St. John's, they now have 2 little ones running around which was super fun to watch! Their reception was held at McGowan Hall. We walked up the steps and I got excited about the two light globes out front until I found out they don't actually turn on at the moment! So I had to improvise and put two of the lights directly behind the globes so it looks like they were on! You do what you have to do to get the shot! Congratulations Samantha and Michael! Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys on your wedding day.