One of the hurdles outdoor photography faces is really bright sunlight which is very harsh and unforgiving. Instead of over exposing and losing all the color I use a flash so that I can keep my sky blue and my greens dark while properly exposing for people in the photograph. It also adds a high end look similar to what you would see in fashion and editorial photography. It's difficult to learn and expensive to produce but creates an amazing image. This also allows me to capture vibrant sunsets and twilight images that you won't see with today's mainstream photographer.  


I invest in industry-leading equipment so that I can excel in any and every situation. Check out what's in my camera bag for a detailed equipment list. I'm also fully insured. So, in the event that something unexpected happens, I'm covered.

Quick Turnaround

You'll have all of your wedding images in hand in 6 weeks. In our industry, that's fast! I also provide a same-week preview of 70 or so images to help tide you over until you receive all your images. 

Image Editing

My style is clean so I don't have to edit much. Also, I don't provide just 200-300 edited images; I edit all of your images for consistency and quality. 

Full-time photographer

As a full-time photographer, I have the time and energy to invest in you, as my couple. Beyond the camera lens, I want your wedding day to be an amazing experience, and I will do anything I can do to help achieve that. I provide checklists and help you with your timeline so that, on the day of your wedding, I'm organized and ready to go!

Image Quality

Achieving excellence is paramount. In my book, good just isn't good enough. In addition to excellent composition, I want my images be distinct from others. I use quality and direction of light to differentiate myself as a photographer. As a result, my images are colorful and bright,  sometimes using shadow to capture the emotion of a moment. 

Customer Service

I love my couples, plain and simple. There isn't much that I won't do for them. From planning to execution I'm on your side, helping to ensure you experience exactly the wedding you've dreamed of and planned for. Check out my reviews to see what other couples have to say about working with me.