Meg & Jordan

Meg & Jordan's Wedding Photos at Avon Gardens

Nate was an absolute joy to work with!

When starting this process, I had concerns on if we’d have enough time at the wedding to get all the shots we wanted. Just in our first meeting, Nate went over the details about the schedule and how much time he’d need for everything. He really allayed any fears I had about this.

And he made the actual shoots a lot of fun. Nate has such an enthusiasm for what he does. He guides you through the shoot in an easygoing way, while keeping things on track. And he’s totally open to suggestions! My fiancé and I were like, can we try this? And Nate was all for it.

Not only is Nate just fun to work with; he has a firm grasp of his craft. The way he uses the light, and captures color. It’s just beautiful.

I would definitely recommend Nate to anyone who’s looking for fantastic photos!
— Meg