About Nate


I like coffee. Like, really like coffee. I call myself a connoisseur; my wife Sarah calls me an addict.  I’m currently training my 2-year-old to make coffee. She stands on her little stool, uses the scoop and helps me grind it. She's off to a good start!

If I’m hanging around the house or working, I’m usually listening to music. Right now I’m on a Rend Collective kick.  I believe in helping others and making a difference in people's lives.

I started my career as a graphic designer, discovered photography quite by accident and never looked back.


I just love weddings, plain and simple! I'm all into the details. Nate is the artist, and I'm the perfectionist! Being a bride not so long ago myself, I ensure that—when it comes to photography—it's all about you. 

I worked for 10 years as a an office manager, doing everything from website updates and print material development, to stuffing letters for mailings. Our mix of creativity and attention to detail makes Nate and me a great team.


Sophia loves coloring and drawing. She loves to dance and ride her scooter which she’s very excited about. She’s looking forward to someday being my assistant!


Brianna is currently fascinated with all the Disney princesses. She will wear a dress every day, 24-hours a day. She will also eat pretzels all day long.


Peter’s our climber. I feel like I spend my day running around the house pulling him off baskets and window ledges!